Is there a difference between Ceilidh or Barn Dance?

No not really; the dancing and music is traditionally based.

What if I don't know how to dance?

Our caller will walk you through the dances. He will call the moves whilst you are dancing to our music. The event is meant to be fun, so you don't have to get it right. Also, our 'in-house' caller has a head set mic, so he can assist you and your guests on the dance floor.

Our event is mixed age group, will that be a problem?

No, if anything Ceilidhs and Barn Dances are ideal. We have had dancers from as young as 2 years (we have had younger in parents’ arms) and over 80 years young. Our dances range from waltz and walking speed to the very fast, our caller will ensure that a suitable mix of dances are used, so that all your guests have an opportunity to dance.

I have a particular dance I would like at my event:

No problem, let us know, if we know it we will incorporate it in our program (with enough notice, we will research and if possible add to our repetoire)

Do you have anything special to start and finish with at a wedding?

Yes, having experienced many weddings, we offer a wide range of ways to start and finish your special day, (please contact us to discuss). We are even happy to play your favourite number via our PA kit, if you have it on your iPod or phone.

Our venue has requested that they see any entertainers’ certificates. Is this OK?

No problem. We have PLI and PAT testing certificates.  They can be emailed to the venue's events co-ordinator prior to your event. We also carry certificates with us at all bookings.

My venue/event requires formal wear

For fundraisers and general ceilidhs our band wear jeans and white shirts, and black outfits for weddings. However, if informed in advance we can wear more formal attire (e.g. Black-Tie events). However, the main instrumentalist (Accordion; Flute and Violin) are unable to wear jackets for performance, due to our requirement to have unrestricted arm movement.

Can I have a disco after the ceilidh?

Of course! If you want to continue to dance the night away after the ceilidh; but please be aware that the band will still require a large area to set up.